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London Penthouses: A Definitive Guide

Posted by Author 55 on February 7, 2018
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London Penthouses: A Definitive Guide. Luxury Penthouses. A Guide to Penthouses. History of Penthouses. 



London Penthouses: A Definitive Guide


London Penthouses: A Definitive Guide

When you think of the word ‘Penthouse’ what’s the first image that springs to mind. No, we’re not talking the magazine, instead, we’re talking the luxurious top-floor apartments you see in some of the most desirable cities all over the globe. For many, when we think of penthouses, we think opulence, we think decadence, we think style, we think class, and we would do anything to own one for ourselves. London penthouses for example, are incredibly desirable, but like all luxuries in life, they come at a price. Depending on the area you have your eye on, you can expect to easily spend six figures, and that’s actually on the lower end of the spectrum. Yes, London penthouses do cost a pretty penny, but when you see them for yourself, boy will you be impressed. Many professional athletes and celebrities own, or have owned, a London penthouse, and if you’d like to add your name to the exclusive list of people that have owned one, or if you’d simply like to learn more about London penthouses, then this handy guide is for you. Here’s a definitive guide to penthouses.


The Early Days of the Humble Penthouse  


Generally speaking, when you describe penthouses, ‘humble’ is not a word you would likely use. However, go back in time nearly one hundred years ago, and things become very different. You see, nowadays penthouses are aimed at the rich and famous, but back in the 1920s, it was a whole other story. You see, whereas now penthouses are luxurious, once upon a time they were borderline uninhabitable. To learn more about the history of London penthouses, we must first travel over the Atlantic and make our way to New York during the 1920s. Back then, shortly after WW1, the very tops of buildings were generally considered uninhabitable. They were cold, they were dark, they were dirty, and only the working class would reside in them. You see, directly underneath tall building roofs, you would find dirt, soot, bird droppings, and other contaminants that made the tops of buildings the last place you would want to live. Landlords and property owners therefore found it incredibly tough to rent out these spaces, so often they would be used as utility rooms instead.


A Shift in Dynamics  


Not only were these locations dark and dirty, they were also tough to access as lifts were dangerous, and the thought of walking up and down hundreds of flights of stairs each day was far from appealing. After the war however, the developed world needed to expand and repair itself, and a greater emphasis on aesthetics was called for. Streets and parks were brightened up, as were properties, and people needed a brighter, cleaner, happier outlook on life. Property developers saw the potential in these upper-floor spaces, especially as they offered such breath-taking views, and they recruited architects and property developers to enhance these upper-floor spaces. Stunning, bright, vibrant, and modern apartments were created, along with huge glass windows offering stunning views of the cities. With the improvement of lifts, getting from the bottom floor to the top floor was as simple as pressing a button, and suddenly, the real potential of penthouses became obvious. Stunning penthouses were created, including the Ritz Tower back in 1925, and the world officially fell in love with penthouses. These spaces were sold or rented out for incredible amounts of money, and soon, other locations got on board with the whole penthouse development idea, including London, and things just took off from there.


A Lifestyle of Luxury 


To truly appreciate just how luxurious London penthouses are, you have to see them with your own two eyes. They really are something to behold and embody everything you could ever imagine a life of luxury to involve. Of course, prices vary depending on the penthouse itself, as well as the location, but to give you a rough idea of cost, on the absolute lower-end of the spectrum, you could expect to pay, maybe £550,000, whereas on the higher end, prices can often exceed £10 million. When you consider the amenities you enjoy however, you suddenly understand the reasoning behind the price, and why most people agree that they are worth every single penny. Solid marble flooring is commonplace amongst London penthouses, along with private studies, grand sweeping staircases, panoramic views of London city, spacious kitchens, balconies, spa suites, the very latest in cutting-edge smart home technology, mood lighting, bespoke multi-room media systems, home cinema setups, internal lifts, curated art collections, wine cellars, concierge service, private pool/hot tub, underfloor heating, and much, much more besides.




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