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How 2017 was the Best Sales Year for Luxury Yachts in Florida

Posted by Author 55 on February 7, 2018
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How 2017 was the Best Sales Year for Luxury Yachts in Florida. Luxury Yacht Industry. Boating. 


How 2017 was the Best Sales Year for Luxury Yachts in Florida


How 2017 was the Best Sales Year for Luxury Yachts in Florida


There is little doubt that 2017 has been a banner year for luxury yacht sales in Florida, especially in the southern areas that include Miami. A record number of luxury yachts have been both sold and registered which makes the past 12 months some of the most remarkable in the industry. The sales of new boats that are at least 33 feet in length grew by over 2.7% through August 2017 and they show little signs of slowing down. Coinciding with the strength of the Miami real estate market, especially properties that offer marina access, it demonstrates that 2017 is a breakout year for the state of Florida.


Why Luxury Yacht Sales are Up


There are good reasons as to why this surge is occurring, starting with how boating is integral to living in Florida, particularly the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. It’s little wonder that many properties which offer a private marina and marina access have flourished as well.

The warm weather year-round combined with easy access to the ocean makes the southern Florida area perfect for boating activities that include sailing, fishing, water skiing, and many more. It also helps that large events such as the annual Miami and Fort Lauderdale boating shows have helped boost awareness of these activities.

Although there are several factors involved, it does seem that the overall rise in the national economy, which is reflected in Florida and the surging consumer confidence has contributed to the rise in luxury yacht sales for 2017. A trend that is only growing which means that 2018 may even surpass the lofty levels set by this record year.


Real Estate Development


Currently, there are many developments in the region that offer excellent amenities that includes marina access or even a private marina. You can find properties with their own marinas such as The Harbour at North Miami Beach or the Fairchild Coconut Grove. You’ll find that these properties offer many amenities that start with an excellent marina that is perfect for your yacht.
You can also check out the Aston Martin in Downtown Miami or perhaps the Gran Paraiso on Biscayne Bay. With the rising sales of luxury yachts, the Miami real estate development has reacted by creating more properties that offer marine access and private docking.How 2017 was the Best Sales Year for Luxury Yachts in Florida


Why You Should Consider Making a Purchase


You may wonder if it is too late to take advantage of the surge in Miami real estate and similar opportunities in the Southern Florida area. The answer is that the trends indicate that it is only beginning, and you have time to purchase the right property for your needs. This means that you have time to act in searching for the type of residence that offers the best location, amenities, and access to the ocean if you own a luxury yacht or boat from a private marina.

Now is the time to start considering the best in Miami real estate properties that are right for you. With low interest rates, an expanding number of properties, and a rising economy, all these elements are coming together now, so now is the time to take advantage of what is available.




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