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5 Facts Foreign Buyers Love About Miami

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5 Facts Foreign Buyers Love About Miami


Top 10 States for International Real Estate Sales

“ Florida is the No. 1 state for international real estate sales. There’s a strong flow of foreign money entering the American real estate market every day, and especially through gateway cities like Miami.” – Daily Business Review, July 2015

  1. Florida    

  2. California

  3. Texas

  4. Arizona

  5. New Jersey

  6. New York

  7. Illinois

  8. Washington

  9. Michigan

  10. Hawaii

Miami real estate sales are rocketing because Miami is distinguished by its secure environment, economic prosperity, abundant lifestyle and cultural dynamic. Most importantly, buyers from around the world arrive on the mainland with their families confident that Miami will offer them peace of mind. Foreign buyers are driving Miami real estate sales increase and indeed Florida real estate sales increase in general. Miami has a lot to offer both local and foreign buyers;

These TOP 5 FACTS foreign buyers love about Miami, continue to drive the city’s desirability for real estate investment:

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  1. Financial Security

    Miami offers foreign buyers peace of mind. The city provides a safe environment and comfortable lifestyle along with the financial stability of living in the United States
  2. Weather

    Miami’s tropical weather attracts foreign buyers to its shores year round.
    248 Sunny days per year.
    Avg. yearly temp: 77F / 25C.

    Avg. yearly rainfall: 62 inches / 157cm

  3. Luxury Shopping

    A cosmopolitan playground for the world’s wealthy, South Florida is increasingly synonymous with luxury in all its many manifestations: multimillion-dollar real estate, exotic cars, yachts, high-end watches, and designer apparel.
  4. Air Quality

    Miami has higher “good air quality” days than most major cities in the U.S.

  5. Green Space

    Miami is one of four cities in America that offers “playgrounds for adults,” and parks with Fitness Zones, encouraging everyone to spend time with their families outside in an active and green environment.

 “Miami real estate sales are on the rise because local, national and foreign buyers love investing in Miami real estate because Miami, the magic city, has so much to offer you. A favourite for many Ultra High Net Worth Individuals UHNWIs, Miami has successfully positioned itself as one of the most top ranking Global Cities”


Watch this video to find out why many UHNWIs & real estate foreign investors love Miami 


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